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Low testosterone treatment or Low T treatment can alleviate low testosterone symptoms. Millions of men suffer from low energy, low sex drive, poor sleep quality, or lack of mental clarity. Low T treatment at National Low T Clinic can bring you back to form. Some men begin to lose 1 to 3% of their testosterone every year, beginning at age 30. Many men suffer from andropause, commonly known as Low T or low testosterone, but they are not aware of it because the problem develops gradually, almost unnoticed. The effects of Low T are often confused with ‘old age’. The number of your years should not determine the level of your energy.

Once you and our medical staff have determined your plan of action, your testosterone levels will be monitored and periodically tested.

At national Low T Clinic our mission is to provide a fast, reliable, convenient experience for our patients every time, all the time. The process is simple.

  • Get tested
  • Develop a plan- Once test results have determined that you could benefit from testosterone replacement therapy, our medical staff will sit down with you and develop a comprehensive individualized plan
  • Take Action- Start your treatment plan and get your testosterone injection.  Follow up injections are typically every 7 to 10 days after that. These injections don’t require appointments and you are usually in and out in around 10 minutes.


Treatment Costs

Most major health insurance is accepted.

  • Initial advanced lab panel- $99
  • For patients choosing a self-pay option, testosterone replacement therapy costs $270* per month ($67.50/week) , which includes necessary office visits, all lab work as necessary during the month and/or quarter, and injection therapy.*$270.00 per month is a discounted “self pay” price due at the time of service, and which reflects administrative savings due to reduced costs of insurance claims processing and associated overhead.




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